Crochet eggs for Easter

   I rediscovered my love of crochet around three years ago after I had had my first child, Etta. She wasn’t a sleeper then and still isn’t a sleeper now, so I would spend long evenings lying next to her … Continue reading

The creativity gene

  This is a typical scene. My daughter and stepson sitting at a crowded table covered in art and craft supplies; creating. In fact, my daughter is never happier then when she is ‘cuttin’ and gluin”. It led me to … Continue reading

Mothering Sunday Cards: 4 designs

      Mothering Sunday is the 6th March in the UK this year (middle Sunday of lent). Also known as refreshment Sunday so you can cheat if you’ve given something up! I’ve put together this tutorial to give you four … Continue reading

The ultimate princess dressĀ 

When you have a three year old girl that goes to nursery full time, their social schedule becomes busier than yours. If it’s not play-dates, it’s parties. We are fortunate to send Etta to a ‘posh’ nursery thanks to her … Continue reading

From A to Z & more! The January alphabet challenge: a review

      This year I challenged my self to do something ‘creative’ in my lovely book every single day. You can read about that challenge here. I joined in with the HandletterdABCs January challenge on Instagram and posted my progress … Continue reading

Heart felt bunting

Just in time for St Valentine’s day! So first things first, this is not my idea originally. I saw a picture of a similar thing on pinterest yonks ago but there was no tutorial. Over the past couple of years … Continue reading

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” ~ Julia Child

I make A LOT of cake. Always have. I really enjoy it as long as I have the time to plan and organise (cake nerd) so that I can get the cakes how I like them. Mainly for family and … Continue reading

Placenta painting – the tree of life

   I never realised how truly amazing the human body is until I became pregnant.  I didn’t enjoy pregnancy, I was miserable. It felt to me like an alien invasion. With my first I threw up till well into my … Continue reading

Scratchings from ink stained fingertipsĀ 

  I thought I would share an update on my last post about my January challenge of #handletteredABCs over on Instagram.  We are over half way through the alphabet now and I am really enjoying it. Am also finding it frustrating … Continue reading