Scratchings from ink stained fingertips 

  I thought I would share an update on my last post about my January challenge of #handletteredABCs over on Instagram. 

We are over half way through the alphabet now and I am really enjoying it. Am also finding it frustrating and exasperating at times. To say my learning curve has been steep I think is a bit of an understatement. 

I am writing daily ‘drills’ which include the 8 main copperplate minuscule (lower case) strokes.

Then I have a bash at the minuscule and majuscule in the letter of the day.

I’ve been using the tutorial on the scribblers website – it’s extremely informative and is my suggestion if you want to have a go yourself.

In my lovely green Leuchtturm1917 notebook I have been scrawling a daily quote beginning with the majuscule of the day. 

The biggest challenge is accepting I’m not very good yet and I need to practice and stick with it. Also making it public on Instagram even when I am not happy with it has been a huge leap. 

There is a fantastic supportive and creative community on Instagram and some of the talent is mindblowing.

I’ve added in some pictures of each letter – more to be found on my Instagram account. Would love to know your thoughts or advice on my progress! 

I will update again at the end of the alphabet but please do follow me over on Instagram if you are interested.





2 thoughts on “Scratchings from ink stained fingertips 

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