Heart felt bunting

Just in time for St Valentine’s day!

So first things first, this is not my idea originally. I saw a picture of a similar thing on pinterest yonks ago but there was no tutorial. Over the past couple of years I’ve made lots of different versions of these for friends and family.

If you know who the original creator was – please let me know as i would love to credit them.

Anyway, on with the show…


Equipment and materials:

Scissors, needle & cotton thread, pins, invisible thread or fishing line, pompoms, beads or buttons, felt, sewing machine preferable but you can sew these by hand.

Other useful but not essential things: silver clamp findings, pliers, rotary cutter, cutting mat.

I have chosen to make this bunting for my son’s nursery, so rainbow colours and quite a long length of around 2.5 meters. You can use as many different colours of felt and make a range of lengths all depending on how many hearts you add and how far you space them.


1. Measure and cut lengths of 9″ by 2″ (22cm x 5 cm approx.). You need two pieces of each colour. It’s easiest to do this with a rotary cutter on a cutting mat, but scissors will do too.

2. Pin the two pieces together with edges matching.

3. Choose a stitch on your machine that is wide, not a running stitch. I have chosen a heart stitch, but a zigzag would work just as well. Stitch down the first edge, joining the two pieces together.

You can alternatively stitch the pieces together by hand.

4. You can see my finished edge here using the heart stitch.

5. Open the two pieces….

6. Fold them back on themselves.

7. Line up the two un-joined edges and pin. Sew down this edge as per stage 3.

8. When you look at the felt ‘end on’ it will now resemble a heart shape.

9. Trim off the ends if you need to – I did this because I had partial ‘heart’ stitches at either end. Then cut the length into pieces approximately 3/4 inch wide (2 cm). I could fit two ‘heart’ stitches on each piece which was a helpful measure.

10. You will have between 8 and 10 heart pieces depending on how wide you cut them and if you had to trim the ends like I did.

11. If you ‘tease’ them out, each piece will open into a lovely heart shape.

12. Repeat with your other chosen colours of felt. This is my lovely pile!

13. Now we are going to string the hearts. I use invisible thread as they give the illusion of floating! You can use cotton or silk thread or anything you have available. My advice is if you are not sure how long you want your bunting, don’t cut the thread till the end, that way you wont cut it too short.

14. You want to place the needle in the middle of the side of the heart.

15. This is the really important bit! You want to thread them low enough to catch the inside centre. Too high and they wont hang like hearts, too low and they wont hang upright!

16. Pull your thread through.

17. This picture is to show the placement of the thread.

18. Now thread your pompom or bead or button – whatever you have chosen as a ‘spacer’.

Watch out for ‘helpers’ who spill your pompoms everywhere because they are ‘my absolutely favourite thing!’

19. Thread all of your hearts and spacers onto the thread – squished up they look a bit like this.

You will need to tease them out to your desired length. You may find you need to add a few more or take some off. Also check you have added spacers consistently!

20. Now we will fix the ends. If you don’t have any jewlery finding clamps (the little silver things in the picture) you can just tie a big loop and a couple of knots in the end.

I like to finish mine by adding a clamp and pressing with tweezers.

21. Then I add a button (you can use a bead or a pompom) so that I know where the ends are. This sounds bonkers but because I’ve used invisible thread it’s not always obvious.

22. Pass the end of the thread through the button and another two clamps, then back through the spacers creating a loop.

23. Clamp them using tweezers and I also like to tie a knot in the loop just for good measure! Make sure you make the loops quite long for easy hanging.

24. Now you can hang and admire your bunting! You will need to ‘tease’ the hearts out again so you have it all even, but it’s pretty easy to do this as they slide on the thread.

I have hung mine on the curtain pole as you can see. It was really tricky to get a good picture but hopefully you will get the idea!

This bunting was approximately 2.5 meters in length and used 28 hearts and 30 pompoms – so I had hearts left over as I made so many.


Really the colours and sizes, lengths and options are endless. These are perfect for parties, weddings, celebrations, nurseries and just general prettification!

Below are a couple of other versions that I have made.

Green and white glitter felt with glass bead spacers


Red, pink and white felt. One version with pompoms, the other with rose quartz beads and freshwater pearls.

I would love to know if you have a go at this, please comment below or tag me in a picture on instagram @TheFrustratedCreative.


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