From A to Z & more! The January alphabet challenge: a review



This year I challenged my self to do something ‘creative’ in my lovely book every single day. You can read about that challenge here.

I joined in with the HandletterdABCs January challenge on Instagram and posted my progress when I was halfway. You can read that here.

Now the January challenge is finished (it was extended with extra challenges too), I have posted below some excerpts and some before and after progress shots.

All of the majuscules from the challenge – one letter a day.

This is an interesting comparison as it shows the quote that I wrote on the very first day (January 1st) compared with 29 days later and the progress I have made learning copperplate calligraphy. I still have a LONG way to go and I think back to basics with each letter is where I need to start.


Then the first extended challenge was to write the whole alphabet. So because we love the alphabet, I came up with a heart shape and repeating the alphabet. This was featured by the HandletteredABC’s page – I was so honoured!

Next up was pangrams (phrases that use every letter of the alphabet in the shortest way possible).  ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.’

My second pangram was this lovely zebra. ‘How quickly daft jumping zebras vex.’

The next challenge was names. I decided to write my name using words associated with me.

H is what I am and important people in my world. O is all the hobbies I enjoy, L is where I am from, I live and have lived. The second L are the things I try to be and Y is my profession, my day job.

You can see my daily posts from my book on my Instagram account @TheFrustratedCreative with the hashtag #tfc_abcs

I’ve since bought this wonderful book:


And I hope to begin again as a copperplate student with drills and the main strokes. The January challenge has taught me that I need a lot more practice if I’m going to get anywhere near good! 


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