The ultimate princess dress 

When you have a three year old girl that goes to nursery full time, their social schedule becomes busier than yours. If it’s not play-dates, it’s parties. We are fortunate to send Etta to a ‘posh’ nursery thanks to her grandparents and that means ‘posh’ parties.

So whilst many mums and dads nip to sainsburys or asda to furnish their darlings with the fancy dress on offer that you daren’t fart near for fear it will go up in flames, I on the other hand make her the best ever party dresses.

This way, no one else has got one, I know it wont go up in smoke if there is a wayward candle on a birthday cake and ultimately I get to be smug.

This particular dress I discovered via Pinterest which took me to a fantastic website – Five and Ten Designs.

I eagerly bought and downloaded ‘Volume One’ which have patterns to make several different dresses from including the one  had seen on Pinterest (in the picture below).


A visit to my local fabric shop for the necessary supplies for a dress for Etta and her friend Sophie too and then I set to work.

The pattern is very straight forward to follow – the trick is to make sure you print it at 100% which means from a desktop rather than a mobile device – this was an easy mistake to make. I am an OK dressmaker as long as I can follow a pattern – I also feel confident that I have enough knowledge to make small tweaks.

Below you can see Etta’s dress with the bodice and skirt assembled and attached.

I found the trickiest bit of the dress was assembling and attaching all the tulle. It’s absolutely worth it, so if you have a go at this and find yourself peaking over the top of a tulle cloud swearing at why quite so many layers are necessary – I assure you, they are.

This is a slightly different version for Sophie. I had planned to make her dress all in purple – her favourite colour – but when she came round to be measured she spotted the pink and begged to have it the same as Etta’s. Alas, I didn’t have enough pink so we settled on a two tone dress which I actually think works really well.

As you can see I added some crochet lace appliqué to the neck line with some beading and some sparkly button ‘jewels’ – all to add to the princess effect.

I added a white sash to Etta’s that was sewn in place but free at the back to tie into a large bow.

Another tweak I made was to use Velcro in the back seam rather than buttons as I wanted the girls to be able to play dress up in them if they wanted to. I sewed the buttons on the top to give the illusion that I had sewn button holes and wasn’t just cheating with Velcro…

And just for good measure I added a few ‘hot-fix’ crystals to the tulle so there was a slight sparkle when the light hit it – completely unnecessary, but I was indulging myself at this point.

Here is Etta admiring her new dress (before the sash was added)…

Both Etta and Sophie love their dresses and if it’s a soft play party that they wear them to then the added bonus is they go VERY fast down the slides.

Everyone always comments and asks where I got the dress and my response whilst shrugging is always – ‘oh I knocked it up the other evening once the kids were in bed’ – the looks I get are fabulous. Only I know the blood sweat and tears that went into them!

Looking forward to making different colour ways when I get chance – please do check out the pattern if you fancy a go, you can make lots of different dresses with the base bodice design so it’s a bargain.

Their website is:



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